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There are numerous benefits of drinking certain teas, but did you know that tea can also help the skin? These soap bars use an infused water base to extract the vitamins from loose leaf tea into the bar of soap. Each blend also incorporates fresh herbs or essential oils for added effects for the skin.


White Tea: Aids stressed skin by strengthening both collagen and elastin.

Green Tea: Great for acne, inflammation, and keeps skin young with b12 vitamins.

Juniper, Ginger, & Mint Tea: Rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Orange Tea: Provides a boost of Vitamin C.



* Shapes, color, and look will vary based on the homemade/handcrafted element of made to order items.

* Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Honey, Tea Infused Water, Sodium Hydroxide.

Tea Infused Soap Bars

    • All orders are final. No Refunds.
  • * Deliver to your door every Friday in 02347 area.

    * Delivery option availble after clicking "Checkout."

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