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Naturally grown at Hare's Paw Farm and locally sourced loose leaf tea blends. Options include night time tea, refreshing pick me ups, and naturally smooth flavors.


Hit The Hay: Aids in sleep and relaxation. (Includes sleepy ingredients like Chamomile and Lavender.)

Better Health: A blend that aids in a better immune system. (Ingredients consist of herbs, such as rosemary, with flower hints.)

Hibiscus mint!

Stress Away: A smooth blend to help relaxation. (Osmanthus flower ingredient has a peach flavor!)

Beauty Blend: A blend that aids the skin by improving collegian with anti-inflammatory benefits. (Butterfly pea ingredient turns the tea blue!)

Detox: Ginger and cinnamon blend that kicks the toxins in your gut! (Lotus flower aids in digestive progress.)


Loose Leaf. 15g Bag Makes 4-5 cups.

Loose Leaf Tea Blends

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