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Tours & Workshops

Olivia has been an animal caregiver and educator for a number of years, including teaching and directing programs in farm and equine education. 


Online Learning Opportunities... coming soon.

  • Botanica: An herbal medicine toolkit guide exploring shrubs, tinctures, and teas. 

  • Serving Kitchen Scraps: How to turn food scraps into delicious dishes for your dinner table. 

  • Homestead Recipes: Sharing select recipes straight from our kitchen!

These downloadable books (PDFs) are compact, micro-learning bundles for individual folks or homeschool groups to utilize on their learning journeys.

Farm Tours & Workshops:

Hare's Paw  Farm offers hands-on, farm-based learning opportunities through guided tours of the small scale operation. Participants will learn about agriculture, livestock, natural product making, and engage with our natural world.
  • Farm Tour (All Ages): Come see Hare's Paw Farm with an up close and personal tour of the small scale gardens and all the farm animals. Snacks will be provided per group to feed to the animals. Register here.

  • Kid Pile (All Ages): Visit the farm during kidding season for baby Nigerian Dwarf goat cuddles. This will depend on amount of kids born, their health, etc, per breeding season. Register here.

  • Workshops (Ages 5-Adult): Workshops are versatile based on age and season, encompassing the natural world by planning for outdoor crafts, natural product making, cooking/baking, and how to keep nature journals. Coming soon..

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