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meet the animals

The Hare's Paw Farm animals are either rescued or bought locally from small farms and homesteads. We strive to provide the best care for all the animals who make up the farm. Each animal, in some capacity, contributes to our small scale farming goals.

We breed Nigerian Dwarf goats seasonally for sale. 

website rabbits.jpg

Flemish Giant & New Zealand Rabbits

Joan (gray) and Buckwheat (tan) were rescued as 6 week old, mixed breed, weaned babies from a local organic farm that breeds rabbits for meat.


Joan is very sweet and loves quickly taking treats when offered! Bucky is energetic and loves doing laps in their combined hutches and run. 


They're fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, grain, fruits, and veggies.

* Not for breeding or meat.

Joan & Buckwheat

website darla.jpg


Cunucu (Mixed Breed) Dog

Darla was found as a newborn puppy, along with her sisters, on the streets of Aruba. Upon being brought in by New Life for Paws, she caught Parvo. Luckily, she fought the virus and made it to her new home with us.


Darla is a true farm dog - loves playing outside in all weather, especially in the dirt and mud, and has a calm and sweet demeaner with all her animal and people friends.

This little rascal enjoys cuddles with her momma and showing off her tricks for treats!

She is fed farm fresh ingredient dog food.

website jimble_edited.jpg

Orange Tabby Cat

Jimmy was adopted as a kitten with his brother. When it came time to neuter his previous owner separated both cats for months in order to afford both surgeries and found that re-introducing was difficult. Thus, Jimmy found himself being offered up for a new home.

Jim is very vocal. He loves cuddles with his grandma, catnip, and all the attention from visitors.

He is fed organic kibble and lots of tuna treats.




Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Sage was adopted as a stressed kid. Within a couple days of coming home, she took a turn for the worst and was hospitalized due to an infestation of worms, resulting in a compacted rumen. Sage had to undergo surgery and as a result, she will stay small.

Now, this little goat is the heart of the farm. She is spunky, sweet natured, curious, and enjoys running around the paddock and jumping off obstacles with her dad.

She is fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.

* Not for breeding or meat.

website jasper.jpg

Cunucu (Mixed Breed) Dog

Jasper was a rescue with the New Life for Paws foundation. He grew up in North Carolina with a loving mom and her daughter. Unfortunately, the mom fell ill and in response Jasper spent a chunk of his life being moved around until the mom passed away. When we first got Jasper, he was scared, nervous, and severely underweight.

Now, this gentle boy loves running around in his new yard, playing with his sister Darla, snuggling with his momma, burrowing under blankets, and giving kisses. 

He is fed farm fresh ingredient dog food.


website minnie.jpg

Minnie (RIP)


Lab Mix Dog


Minnie was the start of our sanctuary when we moved into our home in 2020.

As a puppy she was abused and mistreated. When we first got to know Minnie through her foster, we fell in love with her warm personality. She enjoyed snuggling up with friends and family. 

Unfortunately, our time with Minnie was cut short. She was diagnosed with brain damage due to the previous abuse and passed away at 2 years old.

We miss her every day.


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Dill and his sibling (Clover & Sylvie) came to us to lesson the herd at a backyard farm.

Dill is a quiet and inquisitive boy who enjoys relaxing in the sun and eating snacks. He has a sweet and calm temperament but is still weary of getting pets.


Dill is fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.

* Wether, not for breeding or meat.


website chickies.jpg

Easter Eggers, Seabright Bantoms, Dark Brahmas, Black Austroulops, Gold & Silver Laced Wyandottes, Copper Marans, Olive Eggers, and Barred Rocks


Our chickens came from hatcheries and a few homesteads in MA.

We have 20+ hens and 1 rooster.

They are a lively and friendly flock, raised on grain, fruit and veggie treats, and all the bugs they can find during free ranging time.

* Not for breeding or meat.



Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Duncan is one of the farm bucks - he's the father of Smudge and Willow! He came to us in order to lesson the herd at a backyard farm. 

He enjoys eating fruit slices, snuggling with his roommate Pickles, and fawning after the girls.


Duncan is fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.




Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Sylvie and her sibling goats (Clover & Dill) came to us to lesson the herd at a backyard farm. 

She is curious to the point of being stubborn and is a loud talker, always calling out for attention and extra snacks. She enjoys playing with the other goats, climbing, and exploring spaces and new things.


Sylvie is fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.

* Not for breeding or meat.


Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Clover and her sibling goats (Dill & Sylvie) came to us to lesson the herd at a backyard farm. 

Clover is our head doe and first momma on the farm. She loves eating, her brother Dill, and getting lots of pets and scratches. She will paw you if you stop giving her attention! 


Clover is fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.



Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Pickles is the second buck of our herd and keeps Duncan very good company. He is small in size but not personality.

He enjoys head scratches, jumping obstacles, laying in his hay, and getting Duncan to play with him. 


Pickles is fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.



Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Smudge (black) and Willow (buckskin) are the first babies bred at the farm! We decided to keep them, wethering Smudge and raising Willow up to eventually become a mom herself.

The kids are very friendly, bouncy, and fit in great with the herd with distinct personalities. Willow is calm and sweet where as Smudge is more boisterous and curious.

Smudge and Willow are fed a healthy diet of free choice hay, forage, fruits, and veggies.

Smudge & Willow


Maple & Rune

Kune Kune Pigs

Maple and Rune are sisters, adopted from a backyard homestead.

These piggie ladies are very friendly, enjoy belly scratches and snacks, and have quickly become accustomed to their new life at the farm.

Maple & Rune are fed organic hog food and hay pellets, along with plenty of fruits and veggies.

* Not for meat.


Ball Python Snake

Stu is a Ghost Python morph. He enjoys climbing on his plants, hanging out in his caves, and curling up in the palm of your hand.


Stu is fed frozen, ethically sourced mice.




Khaki Campbell, Cayuga, & Rouen Ducks

We have 6 female ducks: Agnus, Hilda, Lady, Piper, Donna, and Josie.

They are curious girls who like to stick together while exploring the barnyard. 



Turkish Angora Cat

Izabo is a rescue from Puerto Rico with Paws4Survival.

From the start she was energetic, talkative, and affectionate. She is the most friendliest cat we've ever had!

In a normal day, Izzy loves her morning organic crunchies, belly rubs, and zooming around the top floor of the house from room to room.



Orange Tabby Cat

Thumper is our barn cat - adopted from a family who moved and could no longer keep him.

A senior guy with a lot of spunk, he has fit right into our barnyard and home.


Thumper enjoys asking for pets, hunting, and exploring the farm landscape. 

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