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Make your own Jun Tea, a light and sweet probiotic drink.

* A jun tea SCOBY refers to a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that's specially adapted to ferment raw honey without any sacrifices in terms of flavor and taste of the final brew.


1) Best to use a gallon jar.

2) Brew 6 cups of green tea. Let cool to room temp.

3) Stir in one cup of raw honey.

4) Pour the tea into the gallon jar. Top off with filtered water.

5) Gently add the scoby and leftover brew liquid into the jar.

6) Cover the jar with a cloth or beeswax towel and let the mixture ferment for at least 3 days.

7) On day 3, check for taste and decide to brew longer or start enjoying! (Can ferment to up to 7 days.)

8) You can enjoy the brew as is or bottle it up and put it in the fridge to get fizzy.

Jun Tea Scoby (Kombucha Alternative)

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